We are considering firing Julie as our travel blogger!

Taz and Jojo waiting for a treat
We’re not happy, Julie

Jojo says, “Julie is not meeting the terms of our agreement.  She is not letting the world know what we have been up to and we are not happy Schnauzers.  However, we, as a species, are quite magnanimous and will give her one more chance.

And, yes, we have altered the terms of the agreement as we are experts in the field of positive reinforcement and wish to give Julie a chance to be successful.  Especially since it can only help to make us look really, really good!”

And according to Taz, “Yeah, what Jojo said.  Julie is a screw up, but she’s my screw up.  And she gives me those good chewy pills twice a day, so I’ll just can’t fire her.  Unless she insists on giving me baths so regularly.”

Julie, groveling at the paws of the pups says, “Mea culpa!  Thanks for not firing me, but you’re not getting extra treats!”

And on to today’s feature presentation…

Kodak Moments From the Road

(Did you know we’re from the Rochester NY area, home of Kodak?

Thank goodness we use digital!)

Happy New Year and Birthday: Jojo at 7!

Break time
I may be a bit shaggier
Sweats for everyone
I may get a bit colder
Nap time
I may sleep a bit more
Waiting for the truck
But I'm still on the job!
Waiting for the truck
(I didn't know this was part of the job.)
This is way too scary, but I"ll try
And, I'm still learning and challenging myself.
Pack grooming behavior
Taz swears I don't have that "old dog" smell.
We all loved exploring the Natchez Trace
I'm still a Daddy's girl. (Except when I'm not.)