Day 2 In The Life Of A Rescued Pup

Hello fellow Schnauzers!

(Taz and I talked and decided if you like us enough to stick with us this far, we’ll make you honorary Schnauzers and members of our pack.)

Phew!  We made it through the night!  But that new girl has a bowel problem.  We’re embarrassed for her.  WE do not use our house as a toilet.  Except for me when I’m very, very sick.  And Taz when she is on a fluid pill for her heart…sometimes she just can’t wait, even as the door is opening.  Sooooo embarrassing.  Our people tell us it’s okay and clean things so we aren’t reminded of our faux pas, but still.  We aren’t puppies after all.   Hmmmm, maybe that Simba is still a baby?  Who knows.  I will give her props though, when she had to “go,” she talked.  She jumped off the bed and cried.  Big Puppy learned quick what that meant.  It only took her one time to learn.  B.P’s as smart as me!

We thought we were going to get rid of her find her a new place to live today, but as we started the truck up, it wouldn’t go.  Something about a snake.  Big Puppy (aka Julie) said it was serendipitous that the serpentine belt decided to shed its old skin today.  Looks like that girl Simba is staying with us a little longer.

The neighbors offered to take her to the shelter.  But since they weren’t too interested in meeting the little girl they left on the side of the road yesterday, our people said, “thanks, but no thanks.”  (They’ve told us their views on the role of dogs in a household saying animals should be left behind when there is a disaster like a hurricane and not be allowed into shelters with their people.  We feel sorry for their poor dogs and our people don’t agree.  Think about it!)

Big Puppy called the no-kill shelter.  They wouldn’t have taken Simba anyway.  They only take pups from area shelters, the ones that are targeted for killing.  Some people say euthanizing because that’s supposed to be more humane.  But there’s nothing humane about making a conscious choice to kill a healthy living creature.

Alpha Dog (aka Jeff) and Big Puppy talked and decided we will take care of Simba and find her a new home.  She has suffered enough and will not be subjected to a shelter where maybe she’ll be killed.  Taz and I are glad.  Well, I’m glad anyway.  Taz still isn’t too sure she can share her people.

Big Puppy called our Doctor and made an appointment to have Simba examined and immunized.  We hope she doesn’t have parasites or heart worms or anything.  It’s not nice to say, but she’s kind of a tramp and who knows what kind of trouble she’s gotten into.  With all this diarrhea she has, something’s not right.

Feel kinda bad for Simba with her gut probs, but it’s great for Taz and me.  We get to go outside more than usual and you know we love that!  And we get to eat our favorite comfort food!  Rice with homemade chicken broth and ever-increasing amounts of chicken!  Since we’re not sick like Simba, Big Puppy puts some of our regular food in with the rice and chicken.  Simba wants to eat that, too, and it’s funny to watch how crazy Big Puppy is trying to keep Simba just to the sick puppy menu.  She says it’s important because Simba’s innards need to be soothed just as her skin and heart need to be soothed and loved.

So far, this second day is kind of boring.  No pictures.  Poop is not pretty.  But, jeez, Big Puppy could have put some pics of me in here.  I love modeling!

Well, stay tuned for Day 3 of our life with Simba.  It’s got to be better than today.


P.S.  Okay, Jojo…enough nudging.  I’ll put a pic of you in the post.  Just stop nudging.


Jojo in Leroy New York
I know you’re in there chipmunk…stop toying with me or I’ll get my sister.
Taz and Jojo in LeRoy New York
I told you I’d get my sister. She’s mean and likes caving.

The Art of Puppy Napping

As much as we love Site Sniffing, days when the four of us are at home together are the best!
After all, puppies typically work 16 hours a day perfecting the Art of Puppy Napping.  And we’re getting pretty good at it!

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Yes, we DO practice the Art of Napping whenever and wherever we can!